The team-building event held on January 6, 2024, at Penglai Chinese Cuisine was successful in motivating each member to aim for the development of a more cohesive working relationship. 

Building a strong team is essential in the battle against cancer, as it requires bringing together a variety of knowledge and abilities to address the many challenges presented by this complicated disease. Working together, oncologists, and other medical experts can advance therapies and find novel approaches to close the gap in cancer care.

The session started with an interactive workshop and discussion presided over by Mr. Francis Saragosa, focusing on leadership and teamwork. The comprehensive discussion deepened our understanding of working as a team, learnings that can further strengthen the relationship among each member of the standing committee of the Philippine Society of Oncologists, Inc.

Lastly, strategic planning sessions through interactive discussions during the afternoon laid the roadmap towards achieving our common goal for the year 2024.

Dr. Jaffar PinedaChair, Elections and Nominations Committee
Dr. Thomas Jason NgelangelChair, Membership and Credentialing Committee