Philippine Society of Oncologist, Inc.

The Philippine Society of Oncologists (PSO) stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of cancer care, bringing together a diverse group of medical and surgical professionals dedicated to the fight against cancer. As a multidisciplinary organization, PSO strives to create a collaborative platform where expertise from various fields converges to provide comprehensive and cutting-edge care for cancer patients in the Philippines. With a commitment to continuous learning and advancement in the field, the PSO is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the “Comprehensive Handbook in Immuno-Oncology and Immunotherapy” this year.

This handbook is a testament to the PSO’s dedication to fostering knowledge and innovation in cancer care. It serves as a valuable resource for clinicians, offering up-to-date insights into the roles, indications, and outcomes of immunotherapy. The handbook also sheds light on the complementary role of immunotherapy in the broader spectrum of standard cancer care and supportive care. As the PSO invites clinicians and medical professionals to join them in celebrating the launch, it extends a call to action to contribute to the collective effort of advancing cancer care in the Philippines. Together, the PSO and its members strive to make significant strides in the understanding and treatment of cancer through education, collaboration, and shared expertise.

Dr. Gloria Cristal-Luna, Chief Editor

Dr. Susano Tanael, Chief Editor

Dr. Julius Lecciones, Chief Editor PSO Immuno-Oncology Handbook