The Philippine Society of Oncologists (PSO) stands at the forefront of cancer care, uniting a diverse and accomplished group of medical and surgical professionals dedicated to advancing the field in the Philippines. As a multidisciplinary organization, the PSO is proud to announce its commitment to the promotion of multidisciplinary team care in cancer management. In collaboration with the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom, the PSO is launching the “Survey of Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Capacity, Implementation and Challenges in Cancer Support Care and Palliative Care Medicine Access Program (CSPMAP) Sites in the Philippines”. This groundbreaking study aims to explore and evaluate the current landscape of multidisciplinary team care in the context of cancer supportive and palliative medical access, shedding light on potential areas for improvement and innovation.

The study’s primary objective is to understand the existing structures and practices within multidisciplinary teams, examining their effectiveness in providing comprehensive care for cancer patients. By assessing the current state of affairs, the PSO and the University of Surrey aspire to identify opportunities to enhance collaboration and communication among various medical and surgical disciplines involved in cancer care. The ultimate goal is to contribute valuable insights that will guide the development of strategies to optimize multidisciplinary team care, ensuring that cancer patients in the Philippines receive the highest standard of comprehensive support and palliative care throughout their journey.

Dr. Herdee Gloriane Luna, Project Lead

Dr. Warren Bacorro, Project Lead CSPMAP MDT Profiling