Pathology is an integral part of the cancer care team. Traditionally, pathologists focused on the diagnosis and subtyping of tumors. This role has now expanded to the determination of relevant biomarkers that guide treatment, specifically in the context of targeted therapy and immunotherapy.This Pathology Workshop, initiated by Philippine Society of Oncologists (PSO), will walk the participants through the current recommendations in cancer diagnosis and the management of tissues for further ancillary testing. We will review updates on the latest recommendations in the diagnosis of tumors based on the WHO Classification of Tumours; review the best practices in the management and triage of tissues, especially in limited biopsies; and highlight the vital role of molecular pathology in the overall assessment of the patient’s tumor.The Workshop will Integrate practical sessions and didactic lecture/s.More details soon! 

Dr. Rowen Yolo, Chair
Dr. Rex Michael Santiago, Co-Chair
Dr. Celestine Trinidad, Co-Chair